Are you planning to organise an EVENT with your society? Are you organising a SOCIAL to one of our events?

Contact us for bulk DISCOUNTS for your team or society, THE CHEAPEST RATES on Coach Travel for your events, or to have a ONE-OFF EVENT of your choice organised for you.

Some of the societies we have arranged trips for:

  • Street Vibe
  • Warwick annual fund
  • Law soc
  • History Soc
  • Mixed Netball
  • Mixed Hockey
  • Warwick Snow
  • WIDS
  • Bellydance
  • Bob Dylan Soc
  • Warwick Entrepreneurs
  • Warwick ATEM
  • RAW
  • Malaysian Soc
  • Warwick Hitch
  • Asian Society
  • The SU
Crafted by Zee Chaudhry
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