Our answers to your frequently asked questions about the Uni Express:

How can I buy tickets?
Select your University, and then an event you would like to attend and click Buy tickets following the checkout instructions.
What time should we get to the pick-up point?
You should aim to arrive 15 minutes before the bus is due to leave, so you can collect your tickets. There is usually a big queue.
Where do the buses leave from?
Each university has a different pick-up point, find yours here.
When do I recieve my ticket?
Once you have purchased your ticket you will get an email confirmation from Google. Please print this and bring it with you. If you do not have a printer don't worry, we also have a list of everyones names who have purchased tickets.
How late can I buy my tickets?
Tickets can be purchased until the event is sold out, so we recomend you get them as early as possible. We will stop selling tickets 2 hours before the event.
What ID do I need?
You will need a Valid Drivers Licence (UK) or Passport. Most Events require NUS aswell.
It's my birthday, can I get a free ticket?
Yes - Please contact us before hand, with your guestlist and we will reserve a ticket for you.
What time do coaches leave at the end of the night?
Coaches usually leave at 2.45am unless otherwise specified.
Crafted by Zee Chaudhry
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